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The drawing of Luc Schuiten in Nemeton 5

03_bLuc Schuiten is a visionary architect. Parallel to his professional career dedicated to the conception of highly respectful environmental housing estates, he imagines interfering in emblematic parts of the city and in its surroundings.

Committed in an ecological thought, concerned about the future of the planet and about the life conditions of the men to come, he dedicated a part of his activity to science fiction.

05_a concept_e

He has been drawing, without tiring, lots of projects, buoyed up by the worry for other types of life. A way of thinking that gave birth to a new architecture, based upon a poetic vision where invention and relation with nature occupy a predominant place. As well as for his brother Fran├žois, with whom he co-operated for several books, drawing is a way to explore the futur possibilites.

URBAN NATURE DOSSIER in Nemeton 5 is illustrated by Luc Schuiten.


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